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Learning to love ourselves is no easy task. But your relationship, with all its joys and discomforts, is designed to help you do just that. Are you ready to learn what it's trying to show you?

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Registration ends Friday 9/18, classes start Monday 9/21

Class Details:

  • Class starts Monday, 9/21/2020 and runs 4 consecutive weeks 

  • Class meets 2x week on zoom, about 1.5 hours each (exact days and times TBD), once in the beginning of the week and again later in the week

  • Classes will be recorded so you can miss if you need to and review with lifetime access

  • Small class size, max ten women, so you get plenty of attention, feel safer to share and have a great opportunity to bond with fellow soul sisters!

  • There is a private, online community for your class where you'll be able to review material, have conversations around the material, support one another and create new relationships

  • Your partner may watch the videos with you, of course, but please, no partners on the calls

What do you have to gain from developing a deeper relationship with yourself?

Redefine Utopia: Identify your beliefs and expectations around relationships and weed out the unrealistic and unattainable so you are able to appreciate and enjoy the relationship you have now.

Reconnect with parts of yourself that have been quieted, ignored, stifled or locked away in an effort to be loved and understand what these old wounds are trying to tell you so you can be less reactive in your relationships.

Identify and transform beliefs around perfection: being the perfect partner and your partner being perfect so you can embrace the reality of the human experience without feeling disappointment or failure.

Develop the ability to see through your projections and anger so you can understand what it is you really need and cultivate the compassion to give it to yourself.

Reconnect with the feminine and practice ‘soft strength’ by creating and maintaining firm boundaries without going into control mode so you can feel regal, attractive and juicy in your strength instead of rigid and harsh.

Unearth and heal feelings of unworthiness and not-enoughness that work in the background of your life so you can take up space without apologizing, from the family room to the bus to the boardroom.

Understand what’s driving your low self-esteem so you can transform it into power.

Reclaim and understand your libido and the deeper emotions, thoughts and states that affect your interest in your partner and learn how to navigate these so you’re the captain of your sex drive. 

Reclaim your sexual power: connect with your own flow of what you want and don’t want, transform your need to people please in the bedroom into unbridled confidence, understand the art of giving and the art of receiving, learn to communicate with your touch, enjoy sex, have better sex and have more sex.

Learn  to recognize all the ways control sneaks into your mindset, what puts you in control mode and how to get out of it so you can return to being open with others.

Develop a deep confidence that makes you feel good in your own skin and allows you to interact authentically and anxiety-free with the world.

This is a sample of topics and benefits that can come out of doing this work. While you will learn tools that will touch on all of these, what you'll specifically be focusing on will pertain to your own unique relationship and what's needed to be uplifted and healed for you during this time in your life.

Claim your place now, only 10 spots available!

About Me

I have degrees in Psychology and Pre-med, and have embarked on decades of study in spirituality, occult science, mysticism, mindfulness and personal empowerment.  Over the past ten years I have been teaching men, women and couples how to have a deeper relationship with themselves by reflecting on the mirror of their relationships and sexuality.  I co-hosted and co-produced a sexuality and relationship podcast that garnered 60,000 listener’s per month and have been actively studying self-worth and confidence and their relationship to connecting with others since the age of five.


Apart from empowering people and relationships, I dance Argentine Tango, Salsa, Bachata, speak French and am a damn good singer in the shower. Can't wait to meet YOU!

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