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Do you struggle to hold your power in relationship with men/the masculine?

 Join Stephanie Allen, Belinda Womack and Regina Meredith for the recording of a  LIVE 1.5 hour workshop on Zoom from 10/8/2022.

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Leaking our power in relationship can feel like...

Losing yourself in your relationship, becoming a chameleon or centering your whole reality, unintentionally, around your partner. We can also feel frustrated in our relationship, full of resentment or anger and stuck in repetitive cycles. Or becoming sexually dormant, uninterested in or even un-attracted to your partner. You can feel stuck where you are and that it’s impossible to have the connection you want until they change.

When we give our power away in relationship our authentic expression becomes limited. This can leave us feeling frustrated, unfulfilled or simply unplugged from life. We’re not aligned with our own center and we can often see our partners as the cause of this when in reality, they are just the reflection. 

Green Leaves

Even though we may consciously know this, there are ancient and deep subconscious patterns that can make it feel unsafe for women/the feminine to energetically disentangle from the man or masculine in our lives, and stand fully in the ownership of our own energy, needs, boundaries and will.

We have entered a time where these patterns are being called to the surface to be transformed.

Which has made relationships more challenging than ever. But this is also a tremendous opportunity for us all, especially women, to evolve the way we relate to men and the masculine - from a place of empowerment and sovereignty. 

Join myself, Belinda Womack and Regina Meredith in a workshop that will help you identify the root cause of these disempowering patterns, develop practical skills to help you reclaim your power in the moments that matter, and transform your relationship with men and the masculine. All while the 12 archangels work in the background to clear out our sticky, ancient cobwebs. 

What You'll Learn...
  • How to overcome the 3 biggest ways we give our power away in relationship to the masculine: people pleasing, losing yourself in relationship and over-giving/self sacrifice

  • The root cause of these patterns

  • Understand when you’re giving your power away

  • How to discern if it’s you or them

  • How to handle tough moments when you’re triggered

  • Receive help from the 12 Archangels to clear the deep, subconscious patterns coming to the surface most urgently right now

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Meet Your Guides
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As a channel for the12 Archangels, Belinda brings their wisdom, deep insight and magical healing to the table. During class their presence will gently yet powerfully work with your energy to help you transform old patterns and embody the new. Prepare to be changed. 

Belinda Womack

Stephanie has been working with the struggles, blocks and limitations of what it means to hold your power and feel good in your own skin while in relationship with another since she was five years old. After hosting a sexuality and relationship podcast focused on empowerment in the bedroom that reached 60k listeners/month, Stephanie now works with women in all aspects of relationship.


Stephanie Allen

Regina Meredith is host of Open Minds on Gaia TV. After decades of interviewing the world's top thought leaders in spirituality and personal growth, Regina brings a wholistic, birds-eye view of relationship and today's evolutionary patterns. Having also spent a lifetime experiencing power dynamics with the masculine/men from nearly every angle, she shares her personal experience and lessons along the way.  

Open Minds on Gaia TV

Regina Meredith
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