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Feminism From the Inside Out

Doing this deep work sets the tone for the world from the inside out that compromising the feminine is no longer an option.  That the feminine is valuable, worthy and essential, a cause, in hindsight, to which I have dedicated my lifetime by transforming these compromises within myself. 


If the women of the world are riddled with negative self images, unworthiness, and beliefs and habits which compromise our energies in our relationships and actions throughout our day, how can we create a world which honors the feminine, when we are not honoring it within ourselves?

By developing a relationship with ourselves based in compassion, listening, openness, acceptance and nurturing of our own needs, we become a living embodiment of the feminine qualities for which our world so very much needs to create space.


While both masculine and feminine qualities are equally essential, it's the feminine qualities which bring us back to the heart. By learning to relate with ourselves in a way that brings us back to balance and peace within, we change the way we relate to our lovers, families, society and nations. In this way, we may all actively, and healthfully, create a more equitable world for generations to come.

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