It's Time to Stop Compromising Your Power.


The #1 Place We Lose Our Power Is Often In Our Primary Relationship.

What Does Compromising Your Power Look Like? 

  • Do you feel like your needs aren’t being met in your relationship?

  • Are you disappointed with your partner or your dynamic and wonder if someone else might be a better fit for you?

  • Are you full of anger?

  • Are you reactive and exploding at your partner?

  • Are you stuck in a chain of bickering, blaming, sarcasm and micro-digs that slowly sabotage connection and compassion between you?

  • Are you no longer sexually interested in your partner, or sexually interested at all? 

  • Does your partner complain you’re too controlling?

  • Do you feel rigid and harsh, ‘practical’ and disconnected from spontaneity and fun?

  • Or have you immersed yourself so much into the daily grind you don’t allow yourself time to feel or give attention to any of this? And survival, and moving forward just to hold it together have simply taken precedence?

When we have negative reactions in our relationships, it’s often because we feel our needs aren’t being met by the other person.  But what if I told you we don’t actually need the other person to fill our needs for us to feel happy and fulfilled?  This is one of the biggest illusions we grow up to believe about relationships.  Yes, it is very important our needs are met to feel peaceful, secure and cared for, but it is actually US who need to meet them.  

 Every time we have a negative reaction to our partner, there is a part of us that has been compromised for the sake of feeling loved that's literally crying out for attention through our relationship. But it’s actually OUR attention, OUR acceptance, and OUR affection it longs for. By learning to steer our attention away from our partner fulfilling us and back toward ourselves, we reclaim our power from the relationship and become our most balanced, powerful, peaceful and effective selves. 

From this place, we have the power to inspire change in our relationship.  Because after working with men for nearly ten years, the number one thing I learned was: Women Set the Tone.

"Stephanie has a keen wisdom, deep empathy, and unique life experience that i believe makes her a perfect guide for anyone seeking to expand their self awareness and feel a sense of mastery in their own lives. I have always known Stephanie to be on the cutting edge of what is most needed right now.  I attribute this to her practiced intuition and experienced one-on-one client work."

~Christina Hepburn, 

Professional Cuddler & Thought Leader on the Healing Effects of Touch in Our Culture (NBC, MTV, Refinery29) 

"Stephanie helped me through a tough transition and she continues to help me regularly! She was absolutely critical to my partner and mine’s success; attentive, knowledgeable, genuine and empathetic. I didn't feel nervous or have any discomfort communicating my challenges to her.  I would highly recommend Stephanie to anyone. I know I met her as a client, but she is so easy to relate to, I feel like she has become a true friend!  Work with her, it will definitely be worth it! Promise!


Washington, DC

Stephanie’s ability to illuminate my true path forward impressed me. She helped me discover some hidden fears and needs I was avoiding that were creating a lot of turmoil both in my personal and professional life. Her way of working with you gives you the ability to help yourself going forward, she teaches you to be the teacher.  Stephanie develops your abilities to evaluate and see what is important by bringing out the best way for you to do things, not just the way she evaluates the situation, which makes working with her extremely empowering.  I am so grateful for my time with her.


"To create a world that considers women and is co-created with the feminine, we must transform the relationship women have with themselves first." -Stephanie Allen


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