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Foundational Course: What is your relationship trying to show you about you?

Real change requires us to stop, turn around and face the dragon. Simple, rarely easy. This 30 min video course teaches you the 3 essential, foundational steps that helped me face down the biggest, scariest dragons of my life that were keeping me and my relationships stuck in rollercoaster hell. These steps were my lifeline to deep healing that showed me how to take care of my own needs, opened me to truly receiving from others and gave me the sense of fulfillment and ease I knew was possible but couldn't reach. Enjoy!

And don't worry, this is also being sent you in an email if you're not ready to dive in in this moment. But once you do, come find me on social and let me know which part you found most impactful, or come to just say hi and introduce yourself. 😊

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