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What is your relationship trying to show you about you?

Relationships are a mirror. And when we experience conflict or lack in them, it's because there's something within ourselves that is trying to be made known, uplifted and transformed.


In this free, foundational course, learn my unique process for understanding the core wound any negative feeling in your relationship is trying to show you about your relationship with you. So you can ditch the reactivity & negative patterns & finally find the fulfillment and peace you're longing for.

You want things to change? Really change? Start with learning this life-altering skill.

Real change requires us to stop, turn around and face the dragon. Simple, rarely easy. This 30 min video course teaches you the 3 essential, foundational steps that helped me face down the biggest, scariest dragons of my life that were keeping me and my relationships stuck in rollercoaster hell. These steps were my lifeline to deep healing that showed me how to take care of my own needs, opened me to truly receiving from others and gave me the sense of fulfillment and ease I knew was possible but couldn't reach.


Hey, I'm Stephanie

My mom died when I was 21 and it was the greatest gift she could have given me.

She and I were so enmeshed and codependent, my identity had become hers. I couldn't think without her, make a decision without her or simply be without using her as my compass. I'm not exaggerating when I say I didn't even know what food I liked. And then- she was gone. 

I had zero relationship with myself. Beyond that, the one I did have was abusive, neglectful and lacking in every way.

With my compass gone, I had absolutely no idea how to live life. I needed to understand how I got here and how to become my own compass, the center of my own reality both in life and relationship with others.


I was a junior in college and made the bold move to abandon my MD & PhD Psych program in pursuit of lived wisdom. I spent the next 20 years learning to connect to self through acting, writing, tantra, marriage, love & entrepreneurship. With my warrior's heart & scientist's mind, I co-created a relationship & sexuality podcast that reached 60k folks/month. And now I'm here to work with women who need help finding their center again too. 

Start your transformation right now.
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