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Are you frustrated in your relationship?

Learn how to stop compromising your personal power and transform the the way you feel in relationships.

Did you know, the #1 Place women lose their power is often in their primary relationship?

What does this feel like?

  • Like your needs aren’t being met in your relationship.

  • Disappointment.

  • You're full of anger and resentment.

  • You're highly reactive.

  • You feel unheard, ignored.

  • Stuck in a cycle of fighting that leads to nothing.

  • You want more from your sex life.

  • You long for someone who 'gets' you.

Paradoxically, it feels like, 'You're not giving me ______! You need to go to therapy and get over your issues so we can connect."

Your personal power is your ability to be your own source of love, attention, affection, trust, respect, acknowledgment, all the fundamental human needs.

But we've been taught to outsource to others since infancy. And when we grow up, we delegate this responsibility to our primary partner.

And we feel hurt, betrayed, unworthy, angry, resentful and disappointed when they, inevitably, cannot fulfill all of our needs exactly when we need them.

After co-hosting a sexuality and relationship podcast that reached 60,000 people a month, this is what I learned.

In the middle of recording an episode, I realized that no matter how much relationship advice and problem solving skills we provided, the disappointment, despair and lack women experienced were never going to go away as long as they were waiting on something to change over there.  For him to go to therapy, change his approach, to find a better partner. The deep, subconscious conditioning I saw revealed we rely on them as the primary source for these feelings instead of ourselves. And when we do this, we get reactive, disappointed and stuck in despair and longing.

My mission then became to develop a process to help us overcome this conditioning and become our own power source once more.

Our relationships are the key to returning home to our own personal power
(especially the conflicts!)

Reclaiming your power doesn't mean you become an island, not needing anything from anyone. Instead, it reconnects you with your own power to provide these things to yourself first. This transforms everything your partner is able to bring to the table into a beautiful gift, instead of 'never enough'. And the conversations that do need to be had become moments of connection instead of fruitless yelling matches. This opens your relationship to focusing on joy, peace, play and intimacy instead of fighting over who's needs are met when.

The bonus? You find your true power as a woman. When we open to becoming our own source, everything in our life springs from being rooted in a deep sense of self worth. When we become our own source, we find our voice, our confidence, our sensuality, our grace and our power. We become the goddess we were born to be.

But what about him? 

I know, he's no innocent. Things need to change on all fronts. This is not a transfer of responsibility from him to you. But we need to get you full, fat and happy on your own nourishment, on reconnection with you which will change how you see and feel about everything. Because you will be in your power and your truth, and this is where we need to approach the sticky points from.

This is your invitation to begin your journey to become the Goddess you were born to be.

Learn how to transform the conflict in your relationship from an obstacle to a direct path to reclaiming and embodying your full power as a woman. And in so doing, break the cycle of fighting and open your world to the peace, intimacy and depth your relationship holds within its potential.

To help you with this journey, I offer courses, one-on-one sessions and education via my youtube channel and instagram.

Start here

*Not happy with him at the moment?*

 In this free class, I share a 3 step process  (plus bonus!) that teaches you how to transform the 'problems' in your relationship. Move from being stuck in gnarly feelings like disappointment and resentment, into clarity, peace and fulfillment. 

Green Leaves


Green Plant
Green Plant

"Stephanie has a keen wisdom, deep empathy, and unique life experience that i believe makes her a perfect guide for anyone seeking to expand their self awareness and feel a sense of mastery in their own lives. I have always known Stephanie to be on the cutting edge of what is most needed right now.  I attribute this to her practiced intuition and experienced one-on-one client work."

~Christina Hepburn, 

Professional Cuddler & Thought Leader on the Healing Effects of Touch in Our Culture (NBC, MTV, Refinery29) 

Green Plants
Green Plants

"Stephanie helped me through a tough transition and she continues to help me regularly! She was absolutely critical to my partner and mine’s success; attentive, knowledgeable, genuine and empathetic. I didn't feel nervous or have any discomfort communicating my challenges to her.  I would highly recommend Stephanie to anyone. I know I met her as a client, but she is so easy to relate to, I feel like she has become a true friend!  Work with her, it will definitely be worth it! Promise!


Washington, DC

Green Leaves
Green Leaves

Stephanie’s ability to illuminate my true path forward impressed me. She helped me discover some hidden fears and needs I was avoiding that were creating a lot of turmoil both in my personal and professional life. Her way of working with you gives you the ability to help yourself going forward, she teaches you to be the teacher.  Stephanie develops your abilities to evaluate and see what is important by bringing out the best way for you to do things, not just the way she evaluates the situation, which makes working with her extremely empowering.  I am so grateful for my time with her.


About me

I started working with relationships when I was 5 years old. I began observing patterns of getting the love and attention I needed that I knew weren't serving me and so I consciously began changing them. I wasn't always successful! And certainly had some missteps. For the rest of my life this was my focus: How do I relate to this person or that person while feeling 100% good and confident in my own skin. This led me to co-creating a sexuality and relationship podcast that reached 60k people per month. From there, I wanted to work more directly with women to help us rise out of the debilitating relationship patterns and conditioning that were keeping us from being our most powerful selves. Thank you so much for being here.

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