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Hello you,

Over the years I have given you my time, my council, my affection, my care, my concern, my full attention, my joy, my friendship, my spirit and my body.  I am turning to you to support this next evolution in my life for three reasons.  One, you believe in me. You are constantly in awe of my intelligence, my insight, my perseverance and so many other qualities.  You know I will succeed and you look forward to watching my journey play out.  Two, given the circumstances through which we've met, money is the best or only way you are able to reciprocate the value  I bring to you and your life given your restrictions on time, family and your heart.   And three, the amount of money I am asking from you to create this next phase of my life does not put you in financial jeopardy.  Within our relationship is the magic combination of your belief in me and the funds to make a difference.  My circle of friends and family have one, or the other, but you have both, and that makes you one of the very few people I know in the world who can help.  I am asking for contributions in denominations of $1,000.  

What do you get?  You get to be responsible for changing someone's life.  And not just any someone, me.  You also get to contribute to a project the world will benefit from.  Based on our audience numbers and growth, my message resonates with people, and this book is another, more targeted way of giving men and women clarity on their relationships, which everyone could use help with.

Will this time away actually change my life?  Yes. Having my first book written and ready to shop amidst our current explosion of growth will be key to bringing all these financial opportunities to the next level(s).  Here's a rundown of what's happened in the last four months, and the efforts having authored a book will increase:

  • The podcast audience has grown from 25k per month in September to 55k per month as of today.   Last week saw a growth of 10k and the week before another 10k, and we only expect it to continue this exponential growth.  
  • We are in meetings with Lambert Studios (Undercover Boss and other shows) to host a network TV dating/advice show in 2017.  
  • Our larger audience is attracting bigger named guests and the attention of PR agencies asking us to host their (bigger name) clients.  
  • And with our larger numbers we are now in a position to bring on read-in sponsorship, which according to our calculations should be able to gross us $8,500 a month by May 2017.  
  • We are also adding on a subscription service to a portion of our content which we expect to yield us $8,000 monthly by May, 2017 as well.
  • My sensual massage video series releases in April, selling for $47, 

I am also open to negotiating a personal loan, if this is more of interest to you. Let me know, and I will send you a more formal business plan.  



"This book offers a model of the masculine and the feminine that gives new understanding to how to interact as men and women in order to create a magnetic, electric, and powerful connection that thrives on our differences and necessitates equality. This is a guide to true empowerment as men, as women, and as a couple.

After a decade of my study of masculinity and femininity through my seven years as a sensual body worker, host of a sex-talk show and my own sexual awakening through my personal relationships as a millennial woman, I’ve learned what captivates men and endlessly excites them, is a truly feminine woman. And what women truly long for, is a man amongst men. We want polarity. We crave it by design with our whole being, physically, mentally and spiritually. Like the north and south poles of the Earth, a magnet, or a battery. Like the sun and the moon, like night and day. We crave polarity because we need it to survive and to thrive as a world, as a society, as partners and lovers, as men and as women. Yet we also crave equality.

Our human history has, largely, only ever known the oppressed feminine and the oppressive male. Therefore, we need the ‘Strong Female’ and the ‘Sensitive Male’ archetypes of today. Yet, our efforts to find balance mean women are taking on more masculine characteristics in order to be seen as competitive in the male dominated world, yet in doing so, often abandon the ‘softer’ side of their femininity. Meanwhile, men are taking on more feminine characteristics in an attempt to avoid being a participant in the patriarchy, abandoning the very force that acts as a barrier of entry to the beloved women in their lives, their masculinity. In our attempt to become equal, we are also becoming the same. But what happens to a world that has lost its poles?

What happens to the magnet that has no positive, and no negative? Or the battery? There is no energy. And without energy, we are incapable of powering anything. Our world, our relationships or ourselves. Without polarity, there is no attraction, no electricity, no connection. Yet ironically, we live in a time where one could argue there is the most connection. We live in a world who’s economy is fueled by our sexual desires- our ‘attraction’. Where social media and the internet allow us to stay in touch and reach more human beings than ever before, where we can marry whomever we want for love. We live in a time of sexual liberation, with polyamory and a hook-up culture, where women are free to have sex without being shamed. Attraction, magnetism, electricity seem to be ubiquitous between men and women. But how deep are the ways we know to connect currently taking us? How much power are we actually generating from our current interactions? 

Because of this homogenization of the sexes, masculinity and femininity, our sexual poles that lead us to connect with one another in the strongest way a human being can experience, are operating form a deformed state, leaving us at a fraction of our sexual and relational potential. So how do we do it? How do we attain equality, and avoid sameness? How do we exist as polar, yet equal opposites? What do these polarities even look like in the face of equality? These are questions our world is only now ready to answer.

Through analysis and philosophy, woven into my personal experiences through sex work and an evolving sexuality as a millennial woman, this book will explore:

.What composes masculinity, what it’s function in the world is, what it needs to do its job, what factors deform masculinity and how deformed femininity results in deformed masculinity. 

.What composes femininity, what it’s function in the world is, what it needs to do its job, what factors deform femininity and how deformed masculinity results in deformed femininity.

.What ‘surrender’ and ‘submission’ really are and why it is key to the nature of femininity

.What ‘domination’ really is and why it is key to the masculine

.The current state of masculinity and femininity, where it is out of balance and how it got there. 

.How all of this creates imbalance in our personal lives, our relationships and the bedroom. 

.How to be a magnetic woman- a strong, yet truly feminine creature that will ignite and captivate men.

.How to be a magnetic man- sensitive and nurturing yet strong and leading, who attracts endless women

.Why we criticize and objectify women’s bodies and not men’s

.How our misunderstanding of the terms ‘sexist’ and ‘feminist’ are hurting us

And more..."


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*even though it will say 'Thank you for donating to Dream it Live It inc.', your cc statement will read 'ICG Consulting'