I help women reach their full potential as a feminine creature, and I help men understand how to connect with them in a way that ignites their masculinity.

Polarity is a law of our natural world and without it, earth would not exist.  The tension between two poles holds within it the spark of life and the essence of creation of everything, and our relationships are no different.  In order for a relationship to thrive and reach it's maximum, creative potential, each party needs to be in full connection with the polarity within themselves, their masculinity and their femininity.

Our modern world, throughout most of recorded history, has been operating from the masculine.  Currently, the pendulum is starting to swing to the other side, as it always does, and men and women are struggling more than ever to understand how to relate to one another in this strange, new time.  As women find their power, femininity takes a backseat, and as men make space for their female counterpart, they question their manhood.  

With seven years in the field of sensual bodywork, and thousands of sessions under my belt, I've emerged from this world with a clearer understanding of how these two forces interact and I would like to share that discovery with you, so that each of us can have a new understanding of how to engage with the opposite sex that empowers the individual, and the couple.  

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